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National Institute of Building Technology, NIBT is a premier institute offering various courses and training program in BIM technology. BIM or Building Information Modeling is a trendier technology that is usually deployed in the construction projects for streamlining the construction projects in a  cost-efficient and prompt fashion. NIBT understands the true potential of BIM technology and its applications across various trades and functions across the construction industry. There are various institutes imparting training programs pertinent to a variety of civil engineering courses as well as mechanical engineering courses.  BIM  or Building Information Modeling is a technology that is more of a process involving huge data that can be instantly shared for better collaboration between various trades and functions related to the AEC industry and has become an important part of select engineering courses throughout the world.

NIBT has trained and nurtured numerous talented candidates who have been successfully taking up challenging assignments to accomplish them successfully. NIBT doesn’t just focus on quality and time but also strictly adheres to the industrial standards and best practices in the AEC industry. NIBT is an authorized partner of Autodesk and also holds the pride of having an Authorized Training Center (ATC). NIBT proudly exhibits its association with Autodesk for imparting quality training and valuable guidance to the candidates who aspire to make a remarkable career in the AEC industry. NIBT boasts its proficient faculties who are having commendable expertise in their respective knowledge domains & have a passion for training.

Various courses offered by NIBT are meant for the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers & Architects along with diploma holders and exceptionally talented professionals wishing to make a bright career in the AEC industry. NIBT trains engineering graduates in the faculties mentioned above to learn the basics of BIM technology and its further application in the construction projects to expedite project pace and saves on costs. NIBT believes that BIM is the future of AEC industry worldwide and apart from the developed nations, nowadays even the developing nations have started leveraging capabilities of BIM technology to its fullest.

In such a scenario, NIBT understands the demands imposed by the AEC industry to carry out various works related to raising infrastructure, operations, & maintenance. In other words, NIBT is committed to producing talent that is exceptionally proficient in using the latest technology like BIM and associated software to derive optimum solutions for any given project. The faculties at NIBT are well adept in their respective knowledge domains and share a passion for imparting quality education to all the aspirants wishing to make it big in the AEC industry.

BIM isn’t just 3D modeling or designing; it is more of a process that involves a huge amount of data & information that facilitates better collaboration between various trades & functionalities involved throughout the project lifecycle. NIBT caters to all the needs of implementing an effective BIM module by leveraging all the cutting-edge software like Autodesk, Revit, Bluebeam, Naviswork, etc. to create marvelous BIM models.

NIBT envisages a brighter future for the AEC industry throughout the world and hence wishes to cherish its dream of nurturing talent to deliver a pool of proficient modelers & engineers through civil engineering courses & mechanical engineering courses. Various courses being introduced at NIBT over the time aim to groom potential candidates in various trades and functions involved in the construction projects like MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), FP (Fire Protection) & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), etc. NIBT believes that future for construction industry largely depends on the quality of workforce that will be shaping up the infrastructure and that poses an immediate need for optimum quality training, which can be imparted by premier institutes like NIBT.


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